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Aktuální program

Hudební večer se Psojem Korolenkem
27. července 2019

PSOY KOROLENKO (Russia-US) is a singer-songwriter-translator, "avant-bard", "wandering scholar", whose voice-and-piano folk cabaret is a unique fusion of genres and styles. He sings in English, Russian, French, Yiddish, Portuguese, often in several languages per song, cleverly balancing between comic verses, ballads, Soviet sung poetry, Chanson, Klezmer and Tropicalia. He is a member of international super-projects such as "The Brothers Nazaroff", "Yiddish Glory" (Grammy-nominated in 2019), ''Defesa'', one of the organizers of JETLAG, open-air music festival in NY, past artist-in-residence at several US universities. An insightful poet-singer in his native language, Russian, Psoy is also known for his explorative vision of translation, ''tradaptations'' and ''spell-art'', his term for experimenting with foreign-ness and multilingualism. His lyrics, serious and funny at one time, appeal people of many lifestyles, views, tastes, generations, non-obtrusively and softly making them feel united. You see these features in his new program, A HAT WITH LITTLE EARS.


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